Providing an amazing product or service is no longer enough to grow your business.

As almost every industry evolves and spreads to social networks, it’s becoming more difficult to stand out from the competition.

At the same time, the killer marketing strategy
across different social networks offers numerous benefits, from increased brand
awareness and website traffic to generate more sales. 75 percent of marketers say their social media
efforts have resulted in increased site traffic. At the same time, more than 50 percent of marketers see social media as a
driver of increased sales. In other words, the benefits are endless with a
well-executed social media strategy.

How to draw up an excellent growth plan when every social network requires its own set of best practices? If you’ve already googled something like ‘social media strategy’, you understand that all of this information can be incredibly overwhelming. Different post types, thorough posting time and frequency and everything in between don’t help you get nearer to explaining what you actually should do.

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The best solution here is to start by
analyzing companies who crush competitors on social media. Learn from these
social media leaders what helps them win on social networks. And then, use this
knowledge to build your own marketing strategy. That not only will help you be
more productive but also help you achieve your business objectives faster.

Here are the best social media practices that Innocent,
a company that specializes in making healthy drinks, uses to beat the
competition and take the lead. Take them as a step-by-step guide to boost your
social media strategy.

Establish your brand

Differentiating your company from business
rivals in a crowded market place starts with your brand. A strong brand builds
trust and loyalty in the long run. Also, having your own brand for your company
makes it easier for prospects to remember you. As a result, they will find you
faster when they are ready to purchase.

The ground elements of every brand is a
business name and logo. Use your brand name and logo on all of your social
media accounts. Remember that from the website to social networks, your online
presence should be consistent.


Innocent’s Facebook page


Innocent’s website


Innocent’s Twitter account

Create captivating social media

Your business accounts on social networks are
an opportunity to present your brand and message in a real and relatable way.
They also can rank on the search engines, so it’s a good idea to discover how
prospective clients are searching for you when online.

Considering that, utilize every bit of your
profiles on each social network. There are a few examples of how Innocent rocks
their social media profiles and bio:


Innocent’s Twitter account

Give potential customers a more
intimate look into your business

Take people on your journey and share who you
are. Your team’s everyday routine is a goldmine of great marketing ideas and
stories in your company. People do want to engage with the brands they love.
Providing your loyal followers with an exclusive, inside peek at how your
company operates is a proven method to make them feel like they’re part of your


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Cut the number of hashtags

Hashtags are great if you want to surf social
networks: you can click on a specific hashtag and all social media posts for a
certain event pop up. But not everyone knows about the risks of using hashtags.
The recent research has discovered that the more hashtags
you use, the less engagement you get. Social media posts that use more than two
hashtags show a 17 percent drop in engagement.

Remember all these posts with an endless list
of hashtags? Let’s face the truth: using too many hashtags make people annoyed.
To avoid that, use only two or three keywords per post on your social media
channels. What’s more, the absence of keywords may not affect the engagement of
your posts at all.


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Make great content and focus on
visual assets

Why invest in social media content creation?
Nearly 70 percent of companies cite high-quality
visual content as a very important part of their marketing strategy. With
engaging social media content, you can not only reach prospects but also create
a conversion pipeline.

And it makes sense in a way: in the world of Instagram Stories and YouTube explainers,
visual content (videos, photos, GIFs and infographics) perform exceptionally
well and capture a huge share of online attention. This shouldn’t be
surprising: well-crafted visual assets create an emotional bond between brand
and followers and convey a lot of information in a concise format.

Let’s dive deeper into the types of visual
content you should test out in your social accounts.

Add videos ASAP

You know how powerful video content has
become. Especially in the world of social networks that are mainly
visual-focused. Researchers predict that more than 80 percent of all traffic will be from video
content by 2021. What’s more, Google love videos too: embedding videos into
your website increases views and improve your ranking: 


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There are literally thousands of different
ways to use video content in your social media accounts and market to prospects
with snappy, unique content. We’ll cover the types of video content you may
want to incorporate into your marketing strategy in a few following sections.

Think about a GIF format

Well-known GIF files are a great way to give
content a distinctive aesthetic. What’s more, content in the GIF format may add
value to your business because they are easily shareable, display the fun side
of your company and add more context and emotions in a short message.

The best part is that you don’t need any
specific skills to craft GIFs on your own. to create your own GIFs. With online
resources like Giphy, ezgif, makeagif and you can easily make a GIF by
uploading your images.


Mix up your content and tailor it
to each platform

Nobody wants to see social media posts that
are all devoted to your company and products. Posting too many promotional
items, you will lose half of your followers and show that you care
more about your company than about communicating with people. To avoid that,
mix it up with different topics like company culture posts, community and
industry news, valuable blog posts, etc. If you take a look at Innocent’s
social accounts, you’ll find no salesy posts:


Having a comprehensive content strategy,
tailor your posts to each platform to take advantage of their features (a live
video on Instagram or Facebook, a curated collection on Pinterest, etc.). The
good place to start is to analyze the data from Instagram Insights and Facebook
Audience Insights, which offer details on audience location, age, gender, etc.
That’ll help you shape buyer personas and adjust your messaging.

Harness the power of
user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) has gained
significant traction. Companies look for ways to increase social media
engagement and UGC perfectly addresses this challenge, raising engagement up to
28 percent. Why? The answer lies in the very
heart of UGC — it’s any form of content such as photo and video, created by
consumers on social media and publicly available to other prospects.


What’s more, UGC communicates with prospects
more effectively than traditional branded commercials because people tend to
trust online recommendations more than traditional advertising messages. And
not to mention that user-generated content is a low-cost alternative to
creating social media posts on your own. Here you can find Instagram
user-generated posts devoted to Innocent:

Create your own BGC

Now, what is a BGC? BGC is short for
brand-generated content. How does it differ from usual professional content,
created by companies for their marketing needs? BGC is created by a brand as
well, but with the intent to capture the ‘I could have taken that photo’
feeling. When a customer feels that, that builds an emotional connection with
that company:


But since you can never predict if your
clients generate UGC on their social media channels, you should generate BGC
that looks similar to UGC.

Listen for mentions of your brand

Social networks have changed the face of customer service. Nowadays people prefer to post positive and negative reviews on social media with an intention to gain an immediate reaction from the company they refer to.

Monitoring social media channels with tools like Mention and capturing mentions of your brand, competitors, products and relevant keywords will help you build trust around your brand, serve your customers and gain valuable business insights.


Share the experiences of customers on social
media which helps to gain trust from social media audiences. This brand action
creates a positive impact on the social media audience by depicting that you
take care of the customers on a real-time basis and that you are very proactive
thereby crushing competition.

With the help of social listening, Innocent
handles negativity with grace. Creating sincere 
messages to harsh comments can be difficult, but this company
brilliantly faces the challenge:


Build relationships

One more thing Innocent remains steadfast in is his approach to being personal with followers on social media.

Innocent’s SMM managers actively reply to people and respond to someone’s questions in real-time. And that’s a smart plan: people want a more personal touch from brands. That’s how Innocent forms a loyal following and nurtures relationships that can turn into sales over time.


Don’t sell

The truth is that nobody wants to see an endless feed of pitches on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. Numbers confirm that 60 percent of people find salesy and pushy social media posts annoying.

The era of intrusive marketing has ended.
Social networks’ users want to consume engaging and interesting things that
they connect with. They want to establish emotional connections and friendly
relationships with brands.

Let’s take a look at Innocent’s social
accounts one more time. There you can find the secret sauce to getting the
audience to trust them — Innocent’s SMM managers don’t post promotions!
Alternatively, they craft entertaining content that their followers do want to

Test paid ads

Nowadays you need to pay for greater reach on
social networks, especially when running a business account. Considering that, social media advertising should be a part of
your winning marketing strategy.

Facebook and Google give you access to a large
audience of people who can become your social
media followers
or even customers. With the help of the Facebook Ads
Manager, you can promote your company and services on Facebook itself and
Instagram. Having a Google Ads account, you can create advertising messages for
YouTube. Nowadays, advertising is heavily emphasized by automation, artificial
intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As a result, you can allow Facebook and
Google to choose the best advertising configuration instead of you.

As a result, now ad campaigns require less
monitoring and let you concentrate on the main message of your commercials. For
your inspiration, here is the link to Innocent’s YouTube playlist that features
their ads archive.


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Showcase your values

Strong brands are not just about revenue, physical products, and sales pitches. First and foremost, strong brands tell a story by communicating their values and beliefs.

Innocent mastered this lesson perfectly.
Besides paying attention to environmental problems, they have one more area of
responsibility: their social conscious campaign called ‘The Innocent Big Knit’
raises money for Age UK, the UK’s largest charity for older people.


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Be positive, sincere and have fun

Besides all the above-mentioned social media
tricks which Innocent uses, there is one main ‘weapon’ — their social media
accounts are full of humor, fun, love and the belief in the importance of their
work. Although Innocent’s principles are quite obvious, they have never
attacked or criticized others.

This doesn’t mean every post needs to be happy. Chances are, one day you will need to comment on earth-shuttering or take a stand on something important to your company.

Nevertheless, to build a truly engaged fan base around your brand on social media, the ultimate goal of your posts is to excite and inspire the followers.

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Wrapping up

A thorough social media strategy is a crucial part of your overall marketing plan. In this article, we’ve put together the best practices shown by Innocent, the brand that crushes competitors on social media. Evidence of this is a great number of followers, likes, comments, and shares of their posts.

To sum up, Innocent’s social media activities
mainly consist of great content and engaging communication with followers. That
will fit every business. Considering that, don’t hesitate to inject these
tested-and-tried tactics into your own social media strategy.

The only thing to remember is that you should
consistently measure the performance of your social media activities and adjust
accordingly. After that, let us know how useful Innocent’s strategies have been
for you. If you’ve already tested out some of them, share your insights in the
comments below.

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